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About Spokane County

Spokane County is the economic engine of the Inland Northwest. Spokane boasts a skilled workforce and a well-established and robust regional education system. With a population that is growing faster than the national average, Spokane is on the map.

The city of Spokane is a vibrant urban center and is the second largest city in Washington State.  It is a transportation hub that is well connected by air, rail, and highways, and is also the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis. Spokane’s University District, located in the heart of downtown, is home to five major universities, two medical school programs, and top-notch community colleges.

WA State Map - Spokane Emphasis
Total Population
2023 | OFM estimate
Average Annual Wage
2024Q2 | Lightcast
$ 0
Total Labor Force
May 2024 | ESD preliminary estimate

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Targeted Industries

The Spokane Workforce Council carefully analyzes changes and trends within the regional labor market and economy to determine its targeted industries.

We choose targeted industries based upon livable wages at middle skills, strength of the industry in our local economy, and career opportunities available in the industry.

10,240 employed | $103,700 average wage
46,646 employed | $62,282 average wage
16,882 employed | $66,499 average wage
11,013 employed | $55,269 average wage
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