Targeted Industries

Targeted Industries

Our Targeted Industries

The Spokane Workforce Council carefully analyzes changes and trends within the regional labor market and economy to determine its targeted industries.

These varied industries comprise some of the region’s fastest growing sectors, which pay above average wages. Building a diverse economy and developing a strong workforce will allow Spokane to better withstand economic downturns and attract businesses across all sectors to relocate and expand operations within the Spokane region. The SWC serves a critical role in disseminating labor market information and convening area leaders from business, education, and labor, to develop workforce strategies and solutions that meet business needs and get people good jobs.

Workforce Reports

We periodically publish in-depth reports focusing on industry-specific labor market trends in the Spokane Area.

10,240 employed | $103,700 average wage
46,646 employed | $62,282 average wage
16,882 employed | $66,499 average wage
11,013 employed | $55,269 average wage
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