Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

The Business and Professional Services sector and its Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services subsector is another vital and growing component of the Spokane area economy.

This sector contains many of the knowledge industries and offers good career opportunities with living wage jobs to young people and other graduates of the Spokane region’s educational institutions.

As the global economy continues to become more digital and technologically based, many jobs within this sector are projected to have steady demand, especially those requiring computer programming and software development skills. Expanding this sector will be vital to retaining more of the region’s recent college graduates and younger talent, as larger metro areas like Seattle and Portland, with more robust Information Technology sectors, tend to draw workers away from the Spokane area.


2021 Industry Jobs in Spokane County


Total Change Over the Last Five Years


Average Annual % Change


Average Annual Earnings in Industry


Source: JobsEQ 2021Q2 for Spokane County

2021 In Demand Occupations

Computer and Engineering (SOC 15.0000 - 17.0000)

Computer Systems Analysts

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

Civil Engineers

Information Security Analysts

Software Developers

Mechanical Engineers

Computer Network Support Specialists

Web Developers

Database Administrators


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