Workforce Reports

Workforce Reports

Occupational Snapshot Reports

Developed with reliable data generated by Lightcast, Occupational Snapshot Reports provide business leaders with the necessary labor market insights and trends that inform quality talent acquisition decisions.

Workforce Roadmaps, March 2022

Presented in partnership with JP Morgan Chase & Co., each Workforce Roadmap will provide your business with workforce data and trends, and 5-year growth projections and forecasts to help each targeted industry thrive!

Healthcare &
Social Assistance

Cover Art for 2022 Workforce Roadmap: Healthcare & Social Assistance report


Cover Art for 2022 Workforce Roadmap: Information Technology report


Coming soon!

Previous Roadmaps and Reports

June 2018

Workforce Roadmap: Information Technology
in Spokane, Washington

Workforce Roadmap: Manufacturing
in Spokane, Washington

February 2016

Spokane Area Workforce Roadmaps
completed by Camoin Associates

The four industries examined in this analysis are Manufacturing, Transportation and Warehousing, Finance and Insurance, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.

June 2015

Spokane Area Healthcare Workforce Roadmap
completed by Community Attributes Inc.

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