Valuable Training Solutions

Valuable Training Solutions

Helping organizations develop the talent within.

Our Talent Solutions Team can consult with you about upskilling your current workforce. There are many resources available in our community for talent pipeline development, succession planning, and training on-the-job. If you want to develop the talent within, let our team help yours!

Supporting businesses in the skilled trades.
In-Demand Skills Training

We identify training programs based upon local business need and then work to train candidates quickly for in-demand jobs. The Talent Solutions Team from WorkSource Spokane can help connect you with recently-trained candidates. 

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Depending on business needs, we can refer you to resources at the Community Colleges of Spokane’s Center for Workforce and Continuing Education (CWCE). CWCE serves organizations of all sizes from a wide variety of industries throughout the college’s six-county region. They provide multiple levels of training that can be customized to your specific business needs.

Some of the most popular professional development programs available through CWCE include:

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