Technical assistance

Technical Assistance

Join the "workforceNERD." Movement!

Technical assistance by the SWC and “workforceNERD.” gives us the opportunity to strengthen the national workforce system and enhance professional development for workforce boards and our workforce system partners and staff nationwide. Many of our programs and strategies are nationally recognized as cutting edge in the workforce industry, and we have had significant interest from local workforce development boards and program operators to host tours, consult via conference calls, provide technical assistance, and share materials. We assist boards when they are in need of new ideas or feel stuck in a box of federal policy and guidelines. We offer a range of services to help re-imagine local workforce systems and service models.

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Let's NERD Out, Together!

If you are interested in more in-depth learning, our “workforceNERD.” team will guide you through customized training sessions for your workforce development board.

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"workforceNERD." Adacemy Topics & Training Session Topics

General Consultation & Design Overview

  • A 60-minute conference call or virtual video appointment with your team
  • And informational materials and program one-pagers

The "workforceNERD." History, & Movement

“workforceNERD.” began as a term for graduates of Spokane Workforce Council’s Technical Assistance programs who joined the revolution of adapting the human-centered design model for their own regions and systems.

It all started with a simple question – how do we meet the unique needs of our customers through one universal model?

Through a robust process, our integrated service delivery was born through insights and feedback provided by actual customers. With the concept of customer centricity and using less industry jargon, the SWC and its WorkSource Spokane Campus staff began delivering a unique experience to people looking for employment opportunities and businesses searching for their next great hire. Customers felt less like a stat on a chart and more like a person that can bring value to the workplace.

The integrated service delivery model/human-centered design caught national attention when the SWC was awarded the 2020 WIOA Trailblazer Award by the National Association of Workforce Boards. The prestigious award led the SWC to frequently provide short-term training sessions with other workforce development boards within Washington state. Shortly after, other states began reaching out requested to have their systems trained to delivery the same high-quality service to their customers. This is when the SWC’s technical assistance division came to life.

After the first few workforce development boards were provided with technical assistance by the SWC, the workforceNERD. brand made its debut and the demand for apparel increased. Today, we’re pleased to propose a business partnership to distribute workforceNERD. products to the world of workforce development.

Our Customers Love It... and So Will You

Play Video about Promo Image for SWC's Technical Assistance Success Story

Mariann Johnson from San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board discusses the victories her American Job & Career Center and youth development one-stop center have achieved after successfully completing SWC’s Technical Assistance training. #workforceNERD

NAWB: The Forum Presentations & Downloadable Content

The Spokane Workforce Council is pleased to share the staff presentations delivered at The Forum national workforce development conference. Click on each tab presentation title to find downloadable content and resources.

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