SWC Presents the 2019 Spokane Internship Guide Business Award to DH

October 23, 2019 | Spokane, WA –

The Spokane Workforce Council is pleased to announce the 2019 Spokane Internship Guide Business Award winner is branding and communications agency, DH (www.weareDH.com). In addition to being named the 2019 best business for interns, the company will also receive a $10,000 prize package. Runners-up to be honored included Pearson Packaging and Innovia Foundation.  The award recipient and runners-up were selected based on a survey completed by interns who recently received job training and experience with regional businesses. The survey gave interns the opportunity to provide feedback based on their learning experiences with various companies.

Businesses were eligible to compete for the award by offering internships in the summer of 2019 and utilizing the Spokane Internship Guide, a web-based tool which provides structure around the onboarding of interns as well as the development and management of internship programs. The Internship Guide also provides an easy-to-use communication system for back-and-forth collaboration of projects, time tracking and reporting, and built-in exit surveys to help employers process intern feedback and convert it into valuable internship experiences which become better and better each year.

“We learned about the 2019 Internship Initiative through social media and found the platform complimented and supplemented our approach to working with interns,” said Jennifer Fanto, Production Manager at DH.  The internship guide and its tools helped support DH’s existing internship program, allowing the worksite managers to collaborate with the interns and develop tailored learning objectives.  “Our program is designed to help interns gain meaningful experience, training and skills to prepare them for the workforce,” she added. The Spokane Workforce Council launched the Spokane Internship Guide in February 2019.

The next Internship Initiative Contest begins immediately, and the 2019-2020 best business for interns will be announced in September 2020. To register and enter your business for a chance to win next year’s award, visit www.spokane-internshipguide.com

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