New jobs now outpace quit rates in Spokane County

As leadership landscape changes, overall workforce levels are recovering


By Erika Bullock, reporter at the Spokane Journal of Business

While turnover remains a challenge for businesses, workforce participation data shows employees are entering the labor market in greater numbers than those who quit, an indication that Spokane has recovered from the great resignation wave reported throughout the U.S. last year, labor market experts here say.

High quit rates have alarmed employers who are experiencing labor shortages, but federal, state, and county data shows that new job postings have outpaced quit rates throughout all industries in the U.S.

Locally, employers have grown or recovered workforce levels compared to pre-pandemic employment levels, but a labor shortage is ongoing due to the volume of new job openings available across all employment sectors, says Mark Mattke, CEO of nonprofit Spokane Area Workforce Development Council.

Click here to read Erika’s full article and additional insights by CEO Mark Mattke published in the Spokane Journal of Business’ February 10th issue.

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