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Questions submitted by Email:

A: We are seeking a single consortium to deliver all services outlined in the RFP. Interested agencies should identify partners capable of fulfilling various aspects of the required work to ensure that the model described in the RFP is achieved.

A: The SWC will reimburse for administrative/indirect costs pursuant to OMB 2 CFR §200.414, an approved federally recognized indirect cost rate negotiated between the subrecipient and the Federal Government; or, if no such rate exists, either a rate negotiated between the pass-through entity and the subrecipient, or a de minimis indirect cost rate as defined in §200.414 shall be used. Please click here for more detailed information about allowable indirect rates.

  • A: Yes, Federal awards to foreign entities under title I of WIOA are allowable. They are required, however, like all recipients to follow the Uniform Guidance at 2 CFR part 200, including any exceptions identified by the Department under 2 CFR part 2900. The full guidance can be found at the following link.

A: Yes, the majority of meetings related to this contract must be held on-site.

A: No, all work for this contract must be done on-site.

A: Yes, we accept electronic proposals. Please submit to admin@wdcspokane.com.

A: Please see page 16 of the WorkSource Service Providers RFP and page 12 of the Next Generation Zone Service Providers RFP to see detail about the cohort trainings. Trainings will be sponsored by the SWC; there is $50,000 set aside for Adult customers, $50,000 for Dislocated Worker customers, and funding to support 25 youth customers.

A: There are two separate bullets – one about being innovative in an environment with a multitude of regulations, and another about operating inclusive workforce programs. In that instance, inclusive can include various racial, socioeconomic, and persons with a disability populations.

A: Although fold-out exhibits are permissible, we cannot guarantee correct printing size for foldouts. Please assume all submitted materials may be printed on 8.5×11 paper. 

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