Pathway Planning Guide

Pathway Planning Guide

The Pathway Planning Guide is a tool we developed that links training programs at the Community Colleges of Spokane to the careers those programs can lead to. We’ve also added employment information like average wages and whether a job is in demand. Use this tool to help plan which training program will help you land the job you want!

To navigate, you can click on a program or certificate offered by the Community Colleges of Spokane to see what career pathways graduates typically enter, and the current labor market data for those jobs in Spokane County. You may also click on a specific job that interests you, to see which program(s) offered by the Community Colleges will prepare you for that career track. Undo, Redo, and Reset buttons are located at the bottom of the dashboard.

The tables function best when accessed on a desktop computer. If viewing on a mobile device, switching to landscape view will increase data visibility. 

2019 wage data and employment data as of 2019Q2, JobsEQ. 2020 Demand/Decline classifications.

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