SWC Announces NEW Apprenticeship Development Specialist

The Spokane Workforce Council is pleased to introduce Derelyn Howard as the new Apprenticeship Development Specialist serving the Spokane area. Derelyn brings expertise and a passion for the apprenticeship model with years of experience recruiting for manufacturing, pre-apprentice and apprenticeship programming at Technical Employment Training, Inc; the San Francisco Conservation Corps; and WorkSource Spokane. Creating and developing new registered apprenticeship opportunities will be her main focus with the goal of supporting local businesses which struggle to compete for new employees.

Registered apprenticeships allow businesses to train and develop their own employees in-house, coupled with classroom instruction from an authorized training provider to ensure state of the art industry skill standards are met. There are already over 50 employers that offer a total of 158 registered apprenticeship training programs in our local area from diverse industries including health care, manufacturing, and construction.

The advantages of completing a registered apprenticeship include the training meeting the specific needs of a business and the credentials earned are nationally recognized. Another benefit of registered apprenticeship is that apprentices earn while they learn. Education can be expensive, and it can be a challenge to both work and attend classes. Apprentices are employees of the business and begin contributing to the bottom line – and earning a paycheck – their first day on the job.

Registered apprenticeships can be an integral part of the solution to recruit, train, and retain a skilled workforce. If your business is interested in registered apprenticeship or would simply like to discuss options or possibilities, contact Derelyn Howard at 509-960-6269 or dhoward@wdcspokane.com.


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