We’re excited to have your business participate in the 2021 KHQ/WorkSource Virtual Job Fair. Now let’s get your virtual booth set up!

Click on the button below to access to Premier Virtual and the KHQ/WorkSource Virtual Job.

The contents of this webpage has also been sent to the email address used to register for the virtual job fair.

If you have any questions, please email us

Premier Virtual display images

Getting Started

If you are a new user of this platform you will create an account for your organization and follow the steps to set up your organization’s booth. For future events, you can use the same login and booth.

If you have recently participated in a virtual hiring event with Talent Solutions by WorkSource Spokane using Premier Virtual, you can use your same company login to register for this event and simply update your booth’s open positions for this job fair and any recruiters you would like to add or remove.

When you register your organization, please select the subevent that best describes your industry. This will help job seekers navigate the job fair. Your subevent selection can be changed after your initial selection.

Virtual Booth Set Up Training

While booth set up in Premier Virtual is very straightforward, we want to ensure you are well supported.

If needed, here’s a link to a Premier Virtual recording that will help you make the most of your virtual booth:

This video is also available on the Premier Virtual registration page that answers many FAQs.

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